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2001 Lotus Exige S1

The Lotus Exige S1 was introduced in 2000 with a modified Rover K Series Engine, labelled the VHPD (Very High Performance Derivative). They were built for 2 yea...



WANTED : Exige S2 Sprint / Club Racer / RGB / CUP / Type 72 + Elise Type 25...

I have specific requirements for the following Exige S2 Sprint (blue or yellow) Exige S2 Club Racer Exige S2 RGB (all colours) Exige S2 Cup 260 Exige S2 Ty...

K-Series 1

Reduced: £2,250

K-Series tuned engine

REDUCED PRICE:   Rover K-Series engine, 160 bhp Elise Trophy specification base then upgraded head with brand new Piper H270 cams, followers, springs &...



Column Switch, LH, indicators/dip/flash, A100M6048F

Almost new, was only used for one week.  I can ship it everywhere within Europe.  Price: 15€



S1 Centre Tunnel (Rear)

Brand new + shipping Rear part as per diagram & part number (Senotex finish)   UK post £8 A111U0102K Retail £170!   12 11 8, 7 l...


See website for weekly prices - www.italiantrulloholidays.co.uk

Trullo Patrizia – Fantastic Villa with Pool

"AS FEATURED IN A PLACE IN THE SUN MAGAZINE Oct 2010!" Trullo Patrizia is a 300 year old trullo - romantic Southern Italian farmhouse. Overview Tru...



Cover-Zone Stormforce 4-layer breathable fully fitted car cover for S1 / S2...

Cover-Zone Stormforce 4-layer breathable fully fitted car cover for S1 + S2 Elises *NEW*http://www.cover-zone.com/stormforce-car-covers.htmStormforce Car Cover ...



S1 Elise/Exige body, K20

Hi.  Didn't see this day coming, ever!  Redundancy forces a major reduction in the collection so putting this plus a 993 up. :( Proper setup here.&nb...



S1 111S Rear wheel A111G0012F Brand New Old Stock

I have for sale some brand new boxed new old stock S1 111S Rear wheels A111G0012F   These we made by OZ and are the last of the stock that lotus has so ...



Dastek Unichip Q+ with Toyota 2ZZ wiring

After reverting my Exige NA to stock ECU and wiring I'm selling my Unichip Q+ with engine wiring. The ECU is perfectly working and actually mapped for 2ZZ with ...