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WANTED : Early S2 Elise (2001-2003) : Anything considered!

Hi all, I have a specific requirement for an S2 Elise from 2001-2003 If you have one and considering selling, let me know. Anything conisdered, from a projec...



WANTED : S1 Elise any model, modified or standard

I'm looking for a good S1 Elise, any model or special edition, modified or standard Ideally under 85,000m with history, but others considered Let me know if y...



WANTED : Elise S2 111S : Anything considered !

Hi all, I have a specific requirement for an S2 111S Let me know if you are considering selling your car Will willblackham@yahoo.co.uk 07770 876552



WANTED : Lotus Elise + Exige + Europa + Evora etc

Wanted, all models of Lotus Elise Exige Europa Evora Elan etc etc Pretty much anything considered :) Collection anywhere in the UK no problem and a top p...



Lotus Elise S1 or Exige S

As above looking for a good condition either Elise S1 or Exige S2 S.



Repairable S1Elise

Looking for damaged but repairable S1 Elise. Chassis must be OK,will consider roller( no engine) Marked title or no title not a problem. A nasty or tatty c...



Wanted : Elise 111R / R or 111S or S2 or Exige

  Currently looking for pretty much all Lotus models If you are considering selling, please drop me an email with full details of your car The best pric...



WANTED : Bright colour Elise/Exige (Yellow, Red, Orange, Green etc)

Hi All, I have a specific requirement for a bright colour Elise or Exige Any model considered, S1 or S2  Please email me direct: willblackham@yahoo.co.u...



WANTED : Elise R / S – 111S or 111R, anything considered

Hi If you have any of the above for sale, let me know Distance no object and a top price paid! willblackham@yahoo.co.uk Will 07770 876552



WANTED : Evora N/A or S

I'm on the look out for an Evora Pretty much anything considered!  Let me know if you are thinking of selling :) Will willblackham@yahoo.co.uk 07770 8...

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