HPE Honda S2 135R

£33,000 ONO

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ModelElise S2
ColourMica Silver

Circumstances mean that I have decided to sell the Honda. We have bought a parcel of land which fits well with the house. I need to rebalance the portfolio a bit, and whilst there is a long lead time for a HPE Honda, Dan still makes them, whereas land, as they say, well they don’t make it anymore…

The car is a 2003 Elise S2 135R in Mica Silver. Mileage 49,000, with conversion at 45,000. The conversion was finished in November 2016. The build thread can be seen at Https://forums.seloc.org/viewthread.php?tid=419198. The engine and gearbox were fully rebuilt by Dan. Clockwise billet stroker crank, 2213cc. Billet rods, forged pistons, Clockwise cams, beehive springs, updated caps/collars etc, all fully balanced. Bespoke wiring loom (all original loom removed). Ryan Edwards under subframe 4-1 manifold (thus keeping full boot space) with Zircotec coating, and Jim Valentine 8 x24 back box. 48mm Clockwise ITBs, Clockwise carbon airbox (17 litres, I believe). LSD, laminova oil cooler, new original Honda clutch, Pieburg stand alone water pump and external controller. Lightweight alternator and WOSP starter motor. Full DEI insulation in engine bay, plus marine grade sounds proofing in bulkhead. Proalloy 48 litre fuel tank. Nitron TD Pro dampers, with full suspension refresh at 39,000 miles. Original OZ wheels (refurbished, full powder coating and original stickers), Avon ZZRs. Tillett B5s with Tillett foam pads and Scroth harnesses. Stack Pro oil pressure and temp gauges. Standard calipers and discs, braided lines, CL6 pads. It easily locks the wheels on hot sticky ZZRs in track, so it doesn’t need any more brakes.

The car shows the usual fastidious approach that Dan takes with his work. On Dan’s pessimistic dyno it showed 286 bhp and 212 ft lb. It weighed 749kg (no fuel, including roof) on the local weighbridge – not superlight compared to pared down S1s, but for an S2 with added refinement, you probably can’t get much lighter. The weight has gone up by about 10kg as I replaced the original lithium ion battery with a standard lead acid (despite a rigorous approach to conditioning, they just are not up to the job of turning over this engine in a road car). It is quick enough, and the engine is a delight – pulls from tick over in any gear, and spins up beautifully fast given the lightweight bottom end. And importantly, it is a fresh engine fully rebuilt, not a 100,000 miler.

Dan is happy to talk to you about what he thinks of the car, and the care that he has shown it both in build and after. Whilst he still loves barnstorming S1s, he has admitted several times to this car being a great combination of (added) refinement and yet still mad performance.

I’ve probably forgotten several bits, but this was pretty much a no expense spared conversion, and will be a fantastic buy. Plus, you would avoid Dan’s massive wait list (sorry Dan, but you are a victim of your own success…).

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