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I have here 3/4 seatframes passenger side RHD for Elise S1 / S2 / VX220 Delivery in Europe 14 €



Roll hoop Lotus Elise 250 Cup carbon fibre

Here it is a Lotus Elise 250 Cup roll hoop in carbon fibre. It has a very little problem (Grade A+). Small withe transparent circles, visible only at particular...

LHD Dashboard Top Panel Fascia

300 EUR o.n.o.

LHD Dashboard Top Panel Fascia Dash

As I've found an original OEM LHD dashboard panel for my RHD>LHD converted Elise, I herewith offer my modified RHD dashboard panel. After converting my Elis...


300 GBP

AP Racing Lotus Elise & Exige front brake calipers

For sale a set used front calipers including pads and discs which will fit most Elise and Exige models. Caliper RH: A117J0132F Caliper LH: C117J0131F Brake d...


50 or make an offer

Alu Dash RHD Elise S1 / S2 Exige S2

For sale different kind of RHD aluminium dash - Elise S2 - Exige S2 - VX220 - Elise/Exige S1   50 euro for Elise/Exige S1 and best ones of  Elis...


65 euro

S1 / S2 / VX220 RHD steering rack (Elise and Exige)

for sale different steering rack we have in garage. All RHD, they comes from: - Exige S2 190hp - Elise S1 - Elise S1 111S - VX220 others not visible avail...



2006 Engine Toyota 2ZZ-GE 1.8L + 6-speed gearbox + clutch

Hi all fans of Lotus cars. Due to my financial situation I had to sell my Exige S from 2006 and these spare parts left in my garage: Engine Toyota 2ZZ-GE 1.8L...



Free to collector: S2 Exige oem exhaust. Single exit.

Having a garage clear out. Car is gone now so happy to donate. Had lots of help over the years on here so if this does someone a good turn then you can have it....

a lot of bits S1, S2 and vx220 …. garage clean out


a lot of bits S1, S2 and vx220 …. garage clean out

I have to clean my box... so I've made a little bit order of all the parts keep during long years and during different cars... I try to list all but consider th...


495 ono

S1 EXIGE front splitter full assembly

I was clearing out my attic and found this spare front splitter, which was for my old S1 Exige. I did not even remember I had it, and therefore never advertise...