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x_helper springs

£50 del UK SOLD

Helper & tender springs with platforms – new

2.25\" ID Helper springs 40 ft/lb 2 inch long x2 2.25\"ID Tender springs 4 ft/lb 2 inch long x2 2.25\" ID alloy platforms (x2) to allow either of the above to...



S1 Evora Armrest

Armrest from S1 Evora in beige. Bought to install in my Evora 400, but the Evora went before I got around to re-trimming and fitting.   Price is what I p...


£20 plus shipping

S1 Elise Cat replacement pipe, stainless steel

Used only briefly.  Dry stored since.  Stainless - not just mild steel.


£80 plus shipping

S1 Elise or S1 Exige hub flange, brand new in box

Bought for my S1 a few years ago but never used.  Supplied by Elise-Shop (see their photo).  I only opened the box to check condition.  The hub i...

Photo 28-01-2018, 16 35 07

£400 plus shipping

Elise S1 Rimstock wheels, full set of 4, great condition

Full set of original Rimstock roadwheels as fitted to later S1 Elise ("12-spoke" style).  Rims only, no tyres fitted. Front 5.5J x 15, takes 185/50 or 195...

J’s Racing Honda throttle body


J’s Racing Honda throttle body

OEM Honda throttle body enlarged to 70mm inlet 64mm butterfly By J’s Racing.  Belived new and unused but has been sat in storage for 10 years so a f...

Elise S2 clam repair section

100.00 SOLD

Elise S2 clam repair section

This is no longer required for my project. Purchased from Junks for around £175 iirc. Subsequently stored and not used. Ideal for repairing a damaged clam...


£600 SOLD

S2 Elise Short Tail Conversion Kit and Hardtop

I had planned to convert my early S2 in a short tail car. My plans have since changed. Therefore I have a new hard top (from lotushardtops.com) and roll bar cov...



Manifold Heatsheild A340S0001F S1 Elise/Exige/340R New!

Retail £141   For 340R but looks like the same part for the S1 Elise & Exige & have sold a few to S1 owners who have fitted wih no issues :...


EUR 400

Elise S2 Rimstock wheels 16/17 – Winter Tyres or Semi Slicks

Used set of wheels for Elise S2 Rover. Overall condition is good, only some corrosion spots underneath the paint surface. No scuff damages to the alloys.  ...

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