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OEM Set of Bilstein Dampers + Springs (S2 NA Exige)

Garage clearout! I refurbed my Nitrons in the recent sevice, so the OEM Billies are surplus to requirements. From my recollection, they done ~ 4,000 road ...

S2K series offset team dynamics


S2K series offset team dynamics

A set of satin black S2K offset team dynamics with falken tyres, these were just used for the road wheels on my exige so are therefore in really nice condition,...

$_86 (1)

500 GBP

Red Evora AP-Racing brake calipers

Set of 2 new rear brake calipers, originally for the Lotus Evora.Unused in box, complete including brakepads.   Pistondiameter: 31.8mm / 36mm Distance m...


75 GBP

Throttle Position Sensor TPS (Elise with K-series engine)

Bought it as I thought mine was defect > Turned out only a wire had been broken, so I only mounted it for a couple hours but unneccessary to replace. So pra...

Exhaust 1

900 GBP ono

4-2-1 manifold & 2bular GT3 exhaust

Used 4-2-1 manifold, decat, and 2Bular GT3 style exhaust. Taken of an NA Exige after approx 4k miles, in very good condition. The exhaust is a 8 inc...



Engine Toyota 2ZZ-GE 1.8L + 6-speed gearbox + clutch

Engine Toyota 2ZZ-GE 1.8L mileage 70 000 Km It is located in the Czech Republic, Otrokovice 765 02.  I am also selling: 6-speed Toyota gearbox mil...



S2 Elise VVC Main Wiring Harness – New

Brand new wiring loom for the S1 VVC engined cars with aircon but will do both with little alteration B117M0116F   Retail £842   UK post &po...



S1 Rear Grille LH New B111B0183F

Brand new (LH only no RH) Retail £230!!   £60 + post   Only 2 available!



Manifold Heatsheild A340S0001F S1 Elise/Exige/340R New!

Retail £141   For 340R but looks like the same part for the S1 Elise & Exige & have sold a few to S1 owners who have fitted wih no issues :...



S1 Fuel Tank Breather Hose Uprated (Service Bulletin)

Brand new breather hoses x3 inc UK post! (£22 each but you get two free!) 460mm long 25mm ID   Retail £41 + VAT each! 3 hoses for £22...

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