Signature “QT” (Quiet Technology) exhaust system for the V6-engined Exige models.


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Taken off my 2015 Exige V6 S but was only on the car for only a few hundred miles as second owner only had the car for less than a year. Ideal as a track day exhaust to meet the stringent noise regulations; very easy to fit. Welcome to view before purchasing.

From Hangar 111;

Signature “QT” (Quiet Technology) systems for the V6-engined Exige models. The exhaust is a direct replacement for the original (or aftermarket) rear silencer and should work with any manifold and link pipe (“Y Pipe”) combination.

Many owners are complaining that they are being asked to leave, or can no longer attend, track days and track evenings due to exceeding the drive-by noise levels for the event. At the same time, ‘noisy days’ at UK circuits are becoming increasingly rare as circuits feel the pressure of increasingly stringent local government noise enforcements.

The challenge is to create a quiet exhaust system that will not only reduce noise without restricting flow, but is also durable for track use without need for repacking. In April we completed the development, and our new system fits the criteria perfectly.

At Brands Hatch, under close scrutiny of MSV officials and staff, we successfully tested the prototype QT silencer fitted to an Exige EX460. The drive-by noise limit on the day was 92dB. The tuned Exige also features our Komo-Tec sports catalyst, large-bore manifolds and carbon CAI airbox. The testing was carried out back-to-back with the original Lotus factory exhaust system. The results speak for themselves…

— OEM — — QT —
Static Noise (Cold)* 96dB 95dB
Drive-By (Cold) 86dB 82dB
Drive-By (Hot) 95dB 84dB
Maximum 97dB 89dB
*Note that the static noise is best measured with the exhaust system hot.

Having an industry-accredited exhaust manufacturing partner has always been a benefit when we design a new system, and this is no exception. All our exhaust systems are manufactured from scratch, to our own specific requirements, with no off-the-shelf silencers or pipes used during construction. Exhausts and manifolds are flow-bench tested to check flow rates. This gives us the freedom to develop a more advanced and effective product that is fit for purpose, designed, engineered and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

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