Emerald link wire & wide band lambda controller for S2 K Series


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I bought this several months back from someone on the forum, to use on my car with an Emerald ECU, however plans changed when I got the opportunity of having an EMU Black ECU instead, where my car was used for the development of their new ECU.

Hence why It’s now up for sale, I’m not sure about the wiring, as there are various wires that have been removed from the plug and insulated, which I assume is all for the installation with the lambda controller, this was something I was going to get Emerald to help with if necessary.

Having checked the wiring diagram on Emeralds’ website, the red wire is ign. switched live feed, the grey goes to chassis along with the black wire from the LED

Also included is a wide band lambda sensor, as ‘Road Race Rally’ fitted a new one of their own.

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